Thursday, 20 November 2014

Work Experience Week 1

Day 1:

  • Observed a consultation
  • Saw how reception works
  • Helped in the difficult removal of some grass seeds from  German Shepherds ear. He was a pain in the bum to sedate which turned a half hour procedure into an hour long procedure - at the end of which we found out that the poor dogs ear drum had been perforated, ouch!! No wonder he didn't want to sleep or have anyone go near his head!!
  • Polished in reception
  • Observed hydrotherapy.

Day 2:

  • Cleaned reception
  • Swept all areas
  • Observed Cystotomy
  • Disinfected theatre walls after cystotomy
  • Cleaned two kennels
  • Observed consultations

Day 3:

  • Observed prep of drugs
  • Observed bitch spay (uterine infection - Pyometria)
  • Helped clean theatre
  • Aided in the bagging of a deceased dogue du bordeaux

Day 4:

  • Attempted to comfort grieving owners (dog put to sleep)
  • Polished cat waiting room and that hall to within an inch of their lives
  • Swept reception floors
  • Observed an ECG and learned how to read them
  • Cleaned staff room counter top
  • Washed bowls, cups and cutlery in sink
  • Observed consultations

Day 5:

  • Observed admittance of patients
  • Observed prep of drugs
  • Observed dog castration
  • Cleaned theatre walls
  • Observed dog dental (this stank)
  • Observed attempt to find an apparently non-existent foreign body in a dogs foot.
  • Observed cocker spaniel ear flush (both ears had a horrendous smell. I personally nicknamed this dog "Stinky" - although affectionately of course!!)
  • Checked on Op patients (visually, through kennel bars)
  • Observed hydrotherapy
  • Put away cat food tins in food cupboard
  • Helped unload large container of water from delivery van to shelf under auto clave.
  • Ferried blood results from the lab to the vet

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