Tuesday, 4 November 2014


So. I graduated college with the grades Merit, Merit, Pass which equate to 2 B's and a C in A-Level language.

Unfortunately I was unable to become a vet, BUT I was eligible to do a course in veterinary NURSING.
When I was told I could become a nurse I felt rather unsure about whether or not this was what I wanted to do if I couldn't be a vet.
However I did three weeks work experience at two different practices so that I might be able to get into university.

I regret nothing. Nursing is amazing! There is so much to this job - much more than I ever thought.

As a nurse you clean (boring I know, but necessary to protect the health of your patients, clients, YOURSELF and your co-workers), you prepare drugs for operations and the like, you dispense medications to owners*, you can do operations that DON'T enter body cavities (clipping claws and that sort of thing), you can prep for operations and you can do SO MUCH MORE!!!

I have started my course at Anglia Ruskin and it's great. I've made friends too.

I'll upload my diary from my work experience at a later date!!

See you all later,

*When handling any type of drug or medication at a practice I highly suggest checking what you've picked up three times at the very least before you hand them over to the vet or owner just to be sure you haven't made a mistake

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