Friday, 16 August 2013

Back on toppic

So, back on topic.

This past year at Shuttleworth College has been stressful. I've had so much work to do that I've had no time to think about blogging.

I've been piled high with coursework, cleaning up animal shit and trying to hold it all together.
The amount of work I've had has sapped the life out of me, and there's still more to do!!!

I've got four assignments to do over the remainder of the hollidays (I've been on the NCS Program for three weeks now, so I genuinly haven't had a chance, please don't shoot me!!!).

This year comming looks to be even more stressful that the last as I'm doing an extra topic along side my normal lessons so that I'm up to date with everyone else in my class. I think more than a few all nighters will be involved this year!!